If you’re tired of feeling…


guilty when you take time for yourself - because there’s so many other things that “have to” get done. 


overwhelmed and stressed out - no matter what you do your needs always end up at the bottom and your to-do list is growing out of control


fed up and frustrated - there’s too many distractions, work emails dinging, text messages and phone ringing, dishes stacking up, loads of laundry waiting to be done…it’s hard to focus 


depleted and chaotic - you have zero energy because you’ve spent it taking care of everyone and everything else besides you

I get it, I’ve been there too.

The Self-Care & Lifestyle Planner is here to help create Self-Care & a Lifestyle you Love without the guilt, shame or apologies.

It wasn’t that long ago I was standing in my kitchen, looking around at stacks of dirty dishes, heaps of laundry and work piling up. With a new baby I was constantly exhausted, stressed and frustrated, all the while thinking,  “There’s no time to even shower. When is it my turn to relax?"

Looking for answers in the fridge (or at least something chocolate), I asked myself, “How much longer are you going to let this happen? When are you going to take back your life?”

And I heard a powerful voice in my head say,“The answers aren’t in the fridge. They’re inside you.”

You see I was spending so much time and energy taking care of others— at the expense of taking care of myself. I needed a new plan!

I’m Elyse Wagner. Mom, wife and entrepreneur. I believe that you deserve to put your self-care first without guilt or shame. 

After searching for months, spending hundreds of dollars on planners that didn’t align with my values and lifestyle—and ultimately ended up collecting dust—I created a planner that puts self-care first, without any guilt or apologies.  

Imagine opening up your planner and seeing your needs at the top of the list. 

Imagine going to sleep at night knowing you'll have moments scheduled in your day to rest and play. 

Go from overwhelmed to organized. Chaotic to calm. Procrastination to proactive practicing of the one true skill, self-love, with the Self-Care & Lifestyle Planner.

If you’re like me, you’re the CEO of basically everything in your life. Let this planner be the COO (Chief Organization Officer) of your life so you can take care of yourself and everything else that you need to do to make your life work. 

Give yourself permission to take the next step towards peace, joy and calm. 

You deserve to own your health. The power is within you. This planner can help.

Gain 10 hours a week

“I have definitely seen a big difference using this planner. I’m more productive. I have a more positive attitude. I’m attaining more goals. I’ve learned to be more grateful. And I’ve gained 10-14 hours in my week by focusing on my priorities
Past planners have lacked organization. This planner has organization baked into it including a daily schedule, top priorities, a place for affirmations, and self-care.
This is, for sure, the best planner I have ever purchased, and I am so grateful to Elyse for making this so easy to use and for sharing it with us.”


—Diane Rountree, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

If you’re looking to: 

Create a Self-Care Solution in 60 Seconds a Day

Save 10 Hours a Week

Stress less over your to-do list  

Stop feeling overwhelmed 

Plan your self-care aligned with your core-values and strengths

Transform your life

The Self-Care & Lifestyle Planner can help

Still Skeptical?

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The Self-Care and Lifestyle Planner

Putting Health & Happiness In Your Hands


The Self-Care & Lifestyle Planner is a spiral-bound yearly planner with daily scheduling sheets designed to empower you to be more productive, accomplish your goals and focus on putting your self-care first.


By using the Self-Care and Lifestyle Planner, you'll be able to...

Access Support + Accountability 

Never feel left behind again. With like-minded people by your side, you have 24/7 support available to cheer you on when the going gets tough, hold you accountable to yourself or when you’re celebrating the many wins you’ll experience in the months to come.

Accomplish Twice As Many Goals

Stop stressing over your to-do list and what you haven’t done yet and focus more on your priorities knowing exactly what you need to work on first. Attain and accomplish your goals with a treasure trove of planning tools, tips, techniques and one-of-a-kind exercises. 

Save 10 Hours Weekly

How much of your time gets wasted each day or week focusing on everything else but you? Learn to flip the focus and put your self-care first, so you can stop procrastinating and start prioritizing what’s meaningful to you.  You’ll gain 4-10 hours per week and be able to spend it how you want to.

Create Calm and Confidence

No more putting off your self-care until the dishes are done and the dog’s been walked. You’ll be able to confidently plan your month, day or week ahead the moment you cozy up with your planner. Calm, ease and peacefulness is on it’s way!

What's Inside

The Self-Care and Lifestyle planner is a combination of a workbook and planner to help you take consistent daily inspired action towards your goals and dreams.


You’ll find real-life examples and ideas for making the planner your own. You'll also be introduced to an online community who will offer support and accountability 24/7. These tools are available to you immediately upon purchase. 


Set short and long-term goals - you pick the area you want to focus on

Plan at your own pace

Support and Accountability

Planner Praise

From Out of Control To In-Control

 "As a teacher, I spend countless hours on remote learning, so sometimes I opt for fast and easy meals. Constantly running late, eating unhealthy foods, and falling off my goals, this planner has helped me stay organized so I’m on time, eating healthy, and staying on my goals.

I am obsessed with my Self-Care & Lifestyle Planner! I was about to spend $900 on a coach to help me plan the next three months. Instead, I purchased the Self-Care & Lifestyle Planner for X amount. It feels so good to plan and be in control of your health and happiness.

The planner has helped to keep me positive and focused on my goals. It has helped me see when I am “falling off the wagon” with my food, exercise, and water."

—Hope Colar, Teacher Chicago, IL

No Goals to Goal Getter

“I was not a planner, but now I am. This planner gets me.  I have goals and know that I want more out of life. Now I have a plan to get there.

I’m doing a better job now at LIFE because of this planner. Every professional female needs this Self-Care Planner . I love, love, love this planner. 

This planner makes you the CEO of your own life. I absolutely need to integrate food into my work plan. It's professional and integrated with a person who is living that professional life."

—Jewels Duncan, Entrepreneur, Phoenix, AZ

Small Daily Victories Lead to Extraordinary Results

"I’m a big fan of how the Self-Care & Lifestyle Planner creates daily small victories, causing the user to keep taking steps that produce tangible results.

The Self-Care & Lifestyle Planner kept me on track toward my goal of walking 1,500 miles in six months!"

—Tony Twymon, Health Coach, Hollywood, FL, 

Organized and On Track

"Finally, a planner where there is room for me to write my goals! The Self-Care & Lifestyle Planner helps me stay on track and be more organized

I totally recommend this planner to my friends and family.”

—Jackie Jabbary, Head Of Execution, Los Angeles, CA

Mindless to Cultivating Awareness

"The Self-Care & Lifestyle Planner is highly organized with

The Self-Care & Lifestyle Planner is highly organized with details for planning each day with a positive attitude and dedicated self-care

Before this planner, I would eat mindlessly. Now, I am thoughtful about what I am eating because I get to write down my meals. 

What I’ve found is writing things down helps create an amazing self-awareness practice."

—John Maxwell, Chicago, IL

Big-Time Goal Achieved

"Lots of other workbooks have daily, or even weekly planning, but do not incorporate a monthly goal

This planner helped me achieve a big-time goal of mine, which was getting the remainder of a massage class put together. 

It helped me stay on track, and helped my fiancé to keep me accountable with the progress and goals."

—Shilah Roethel, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Simple Earth, Wisconsin

One-Stop-Shop Planner

"This is your all-in-one goal-setting workbook and planner to keep your life intentionally focused. 

The Self-Care & Lifestyle  planner offers one place to house all of the things swirling around in your brain, or in my case, on several different pages of unused planners laying around the house.

The Self-Care & Lifestyle Planner has truly transformed the way I set goals and actually follow through with my goals. 

see them daily and follow the guided and manageable steps outlined to reach them, without having to sacrifice tracking my daily work schedule and well-being at the same time. 

Each month and week are completely customizable, and you can start at any point in the calendar year. It’s all here. 

Genius! Live the organized life you dream of, with help from the Self-Care & Lifestyle Planner."

—Taryn Placko, Development Manager, Advocate Health, Chicago, IL

Your Self-Care & Lifestyle Planner also includes:

Year In Review Workbook

Review your year with one easy formula, note your accomplishments and lessons learned, refuel and regain focus for the next year so you can avoid making costly and timely mistakes.

(Value: $150.00)

Year In Preview Workbook

Save countless hours spinning your wheels on what to focus on next by creating a clear future vision with tangible goals and next steps aligned with your values and strengths for the upcoming year.

(Value: $150.00)

Wonderstorming Exercise

Brains with Wonderment! Allow your goals to flow onto paper with ease and excitement as you consciously choose what goals you’ll pursue and plan for so you stop procrastinating.

(Value: $150)

Accountability & Support

Surround yourself with like-minded people in a non-judgmental space to maintain momentum with one month free access to The Self Care Club. Monthly/ Annual Membership fees apply after trial period

(Value $19)

Healing Recipes

Access to hundreds of healing recipes so you can create healthy, tasty meals in minutes without spending hours creating a meal plan or thinking about what to eat next.

(Value $49)

Core Values Exercise

Identify and uncover your top 3-5 lifestyle values so you can create goals that align and define your life with purpose and meaning.


Planning Playlist

Five done-for-you planning music playlists to match any mood you’re in.

(Value: $150)

365 Done-For-You Self-Care Affirmations

So you don’t have to think about what loving thoughts or statements to say next to yourself.

(Value: $365)

Total Value: $1033.00

Create an inspiring plan, measure your progress and make changes along the way, based on realistic and achievable goals.

Give yourself permission to pursue your goals and dreams you tucked away years ago.

Take ownership of your self-care and time while you build your confidence to create meaningful and life-changing habits!


All of this for just:$50


Your Alternatives:

Keep doing what you’re currently doing, getting the same results.  Stressed, losing 4-10 hours a week and feeling exhausted. 


Order planner after planner wasting precious time and hundreds of dollars trying to find the one that fits just right for your unique lifestyle.  


Try out the 365 Self-Care & Lifestyle Planner for 14 days risk-free guaranteed.


Imagine never having to wait around for someone to create your health plan, goals, habits, and routines. You will have the tools in your hands to create your own plans!

And you want to know something? I (Elyse) plan for my self-care daily and LOVE having the power to create my ideal day, week, month, and life on the spot!

The individuals whose health and lives have taken off are those who have learned how to plan for their health and happiness (in many cases with our help). They didn’t start out as planners. Some will tell you they barely knew how to plan for their own self-care.

What’s even more important… As others have become more confident and comfortable planning for themselves, their eating, sleeping, being, movement, self-care, and thinking habits have transformed AND they’re having a positive impact in the lives of others around them.

Still not sure?

Encouraging, Empowering and Focused on Essentials of Self-Care  

There’s simply no other planner on the market that is comparable! The Self-Care & Lifestyle Planner offers a trifecta of encouragement, empowerment and focus  to plan all of  the essentials needed to create a life of health and happiness that you crave and fits your unique lifestyle.”

—Ashleigh Anderson, Carmel, CA

Avoid Overwhelm

"Using the Self-Care & Lifestyle Planner has allowed me to distinguish and plan out my urgent priorities as well as my long-term goals in the same space. This brings a new perspective and sense of calm through putting it down on a page instead of constantly needing to rely on thinking of (and remembering) everything. 

A big win for me has been that on days when ‘life happens’ and I get behind schedule, I can open my planner and see what still needs to be done. I can then see where to fit it elsewhere within the week. This helps me to avoid the feeling of becoming overwhelmed and lost in many tasks with no clear path to catching up. I adjust and carry onward!"

—Denise Pearl, Home Daycare Owner, Vernon Hills, IL

One other thing…

Make no mistake, your health is your wealth. You have the power to create self-care and live a lifestyle you love.  You owe it to yourself and the people you serve, to be the healthiest, happiest version of yourself as possible.

The Self-Care and Lifestyle Planner comes with a 100% 14-day satisfaction guarantee. Plan daily and see how your self-care unfolds.

Start Planning For Your Self-Care Now

Only $50

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